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Mutts Cutz

Mutts Cutz Dog Grooming


Mutts Cutz is a small professional business offering a dog grooming service to pets throughout the local area.


Our aim is to provide a relaxed, stress free environment for your pets. We want them to feel happy and secure so that they can be groomed and pampered on a regular basis. We want you to have the utmost confidence in our care for your pet.


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I aim to provide the trim that suits your lifestyle and your pet's comfort. Since all breeds are different, I am open for any special requests.



All dogs benefit from the grooming and trimming process for comfort and well-being - it's not just about the finished appearance.



Warm bath using a range of top quality shampoos and conditioners. All dogs are hand dried, I do not use cage or cabin drying.


De-matting is an occasional necessary process for your dog, by using the proper products and tools I can make it as stress free as possible.


Nail Clipping

Clipping your dog's nails will not only enhance the appearance of your pet, but most importantly ensure better foot health and eliminate painful injuries.


I ensure that the grooming is carried out to the highest breed standard. The wellbeing of your pet is my priority.